Never seen an Insight before around... A very odd looking hybrid.
Want to know more, more?
Aparently in bulgaria there is a tradition that during the month of march people would wear a white and red yarn bracelet. And when they see a tree blom, they take off the braclet and put it on the tree. A few trees around campus had them on it. It was pretty:-)
The cafeteria was serving this today... very atrocious. Acording to adam it looked and smelled like cat food.
Aparently steve liked it though....
karissa tried to start a food fight with adam, which is a very bad idea
Went to go see Sin City with a bunch of friends. It turned out to be a pretty cool movie.
It was cold outside and I was only wearing a t-shirt and shorts. Caty offered her shirt, and I accpeted. Me being cold was only halfthe reason for that ;-). It was an unusual gender role reversal....
Awesome action shot of caty and Matt wrestling on the way back to campus from the movies.
We stopped at a Wawa on the way back for sandwhiches, and saw this. I guess its embarassing to have too small of a number.
One of Matt/Steve/Timo's jock room mates friends left this note on their door.
Another random thing on one of the doors on the 7th floor.
My grandparents came over for the afternoon and we went out to White Dog resturant on penns campus for lunch. The moment I saw two forks, I knew it was going to be a good dinner.
Want to know more?
After bid acceptance for the new pledges we went out to spaghetti wearhouse for food. The food was not so good, but i thought the flag on the lasagna was cute.
The high light of the dinner was Scotty breaking his chair.
Dana from high school came by for the bid acceptance party, but we werent really feelin teh party that night. So we ended up going with my friends to a house party.
After the fraternity meeting, Dan came up and asked me to post a pic of his arm so he could show it to other poele. Well here it is dan.

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